Automotive Properties
Automotive Properties
office space downtown los angeles

Felix Chevrolet
3330 S. Figueroa St

Tenant: Felix Chevrolet
Ground Lease
600,000 Square Feet

Felix Chevrolet, founded by Winslow B. Felix in 1921, is the oldest continuously operated automobile dealership in Los Angeles. Felix was a friend of Pat Sullivan, who had the rights to the comic character, Felix the Cat, and the two decided to cross-market the Cat and Felix Chevrolet. In 1955 the dealership was purchased by Nick Shammas who erected the iconic Felix the Cat sign in 1959. In 2022 the Shammas family sold the dealership to the Sierra Automotive Group while retaining the land in the portfolio of The Shammas Group.

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Porsche of Downtown LA
1800 S. Figueroa Street

Tenant: Lithia’s Porsche
Ground Lease
30,000 Square feet

Porsche of Downtown LA occupies the two-story facility at 1800 S. Figueroa. Originally built for the White Motor Company in 1915, the building was home to a Hyundai dealership in the 1990s and more recently, the Chinese EV-maker, BYD. In 2023 the space was taken over by Porsche of Downtown LA, a dealership that began with the Shammas Group in 1969 and was sold to Lithia Motors in 1917.

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Subaru of Downtown Los Angeles
2020 S. Figueroa Street

Tenant: Subaru of Downtown Los Angeles
Ground Lease
23,000 Square Feet

Subaru is one of the most recent automobile manufacturers to decide to locate in the historic Auto Row of the Figueroa Corridor. The new dealership, owned by the Sierra Automotive Group (which also owns the Chrysler-Jeep-Ram store across the street as well as Felix Chevrolet), is scheduled to be completed in 2025. This will be a stunning six-story structure of steel and glass which will be regarded as the design model for Subaru dealerships across the globe.