petroleum building

2024 Earth Day Festivities – Plastic Wars

The 2024 Earth Day event hosted by the Petroleum Building property management office, in collaboration with musician and activist Julia Holter, was a resounding success, emphasizing the urgent need to address the plastic crisis.

Health and Wellness Speaker & Acupuncturist, David Di on Chinese Medicine

Our Health and Wellness speaker—acupuncturist and Chinese medicine expert David Di focused on common body pain such as lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and fatigue that often result from extensive and repetitive sitting and computer work. He walked us through remedies and taught us about acupuncture points and exercises that would help relieve these symptoms.

Our Free Summer Yoga Series Begins July 26th

Every summer, the Shammas Group property management office sponsor tenant events from June through August. This summer, after our Independence Day movie screening, our tenants voted for a free summer yoga series. Our summer yoga begins July 26th with yoga instructor Christina Brewer.

The Shammas Group kicks off their #GoMetroPledge

The #GoMetroPledge is a Central City Association of Los Angeles initiative to support the recently launched three new Metro Regional Connector Stations by encouraging organizations and their employees to take at least 24 Metro rides by 2024.

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