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The 2024 Earth Day event hosted by the Petroleum Building property management office, in collaboration with musician and activist Julia Holter, was a resounding success, emphasizing the urgent need to address the plastic crisis. Tenants and their employees gathered in the Hideaway on the ninth floor for a vegan luncheon from Pine and Crane, a cherished local eatery, highlighting the event’s commitment to sustainability.

The focus on plastics was underscored by the screening of PBS’s “Plastic Wars,” a documentary shedding light on the pervasive issue of plastic pollution in our environment and daily lives. This enlightening viewing was followed by an engaging Q&A session, where tenants had the opportunity to discuss eco-friendly alternatives to plastic with property management, exploring options like purchasing bio-degradable, compostable products, and the importance of reusing materials.

Throughout the week of April 22nd to April 26th, educational posters detailing the harmful effects of plastics on health and the environment were displayed, further raising awareness. In a gesture that extended the event’s sustainable ethos, attendees were gifted cards to Sustain L.A., a local retailer known for its commitment to sustainability. The event not only highlighted the urgent need to address plastic pollution but also fostered a sense of community among the tenants, united in their commitment to a healthier, plastic-free environment.

About The Petroleum Building
The Petroleum Building overlooks the premier district in Downtown Los Angeles for sports and entertainment. The Shammas Group has been a major player in the revitalization of the Downtown Center and Figueroa Corridor.

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